Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid forms UAE tolerance committee

Committee will work to implement seven pillars throughout the Year of Tolerance

A tolerance committee, tasked with organising initiatives and developing legislation to further peaceful coexistence in the UAE and beyond, was formed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on Monday.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai announced, on Twitter, the creation of the Supreme National Committee for Tolerance saying that among its goals would be spread the UAE's values of social harmony to the rest of the world.

"We want the UAE to be the global reference point for a tolerant culture, via its policies, laws and practices," Sheikh Mohammed said.

He said tolerance increases strength and resilience, and helps establish a global, cohesive society, reported state news agency Wam.

The committee will be chaired by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. Its members include an array of ministers and officials as well as media personalities, artists and business leaders.

On Monday, Sheikh Mohammed called on the committee to create a framework that will be implemented next year, which was named the Year of Tolerance. The committee must come up with a plan that will tackle and satisfy the Year of Tolerance's seven main pillars. These include:

  1. Tolerance in community: promoting values of tolerance among families and communities through community centre activities.

  2. Tolerance in education: institutionalise tolerance in education systems — including schools and universities — across the country.

  3. Tolerance in the workplace: creating a safe, tolerant, and cohesive workplace in public and private sector organisations through educational programmes that highlight equal opportunities for all.

  4. Tolerance and culture: promoting cultural tolerance through a variety of arts and culture events.

  5. UAE Model of Tolerance: solidifying the UAE as the global capital for tolerance through ongoing projects designed to promote dialogue between cultures. 

  6. Tolerance in legislation: developing policy, legislation and executive regulations to guarantee sustained values of tolerance in the UAE, including a law on multiculturalism.

  7. Tolerance in the media: using traditional media and social media to further the UAE's message of tolerance and coexistence. This includes promoting the UAE Model of Tolerance so it may reach a global audience.

Sheikh Mohammed also called for local committees to be formed in each emirate who will work with community members and businesses to achieve these goals, in co-ordination with the Supreme National Committee for Tolerance.


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