Dry night in UAE announced for next week to mark Islamic New Year

Live entertainment and alcohol to be restricted from 6pm on Monday, September 10 to 7pm on Tuesday, September 11

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - February 27, 2009: (left) Romita Maitra, (center) Kalpana Pratap, and (right) Pradyut Pratap dine at the Friday brunch hosted by Fazaris restaurnat in the Address Hotel in Dubai. ( Ryan Carter / The National )

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Hotels and restaurants will refrain from serving alcohol on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday the 11th as the Emirates mark Islamic New Year.

Dubai Tourism has asked licensed premises to halt serving drinks and hosting live entertainment between 6pm on Monday and 7pm on Tuesday.

The move is implemented as a mark of respect as the country observes Al Hijri, known as Islamic New Year.

In the past, the emirates have typically been unified on licensing on religious holidays but have varied in recent months.

Unlike some religious holidays, Al Hijri does not involve public celebrations or events.

It marks the arrival of the Prophet Mohammed in Madinah after he emigrated from Makkah. What followed was the establishment of the first Muslim community based on Islamic teachings.

The migration marked the beginning of the Islamic era, or 1AH, in 622AD.


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