Beyond the Headlines podcast: The China-UAE bond strengthens

We speak to Ali Al Dhaheri, the UAE Ambassador to China, ahead of this week's visit from the Chinese president.

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In a week-long series of events, the UAE will host Chinese President Xi Jinping for his first trip to the country.

The tour will look to further develop bilateral relations between the two countries.

China is already the UAE's top trade partner, and now both countries are looking further strengthen their bond through diplomacy and a sharing of cultures.

We look at the Chinese-UAE relationship in this week's Beyond the Headlines. Listen here:

Host Naser Al Wasmi speaks to Ali Al Dhaheri, the UAE Ambassador to China. He is in the UAE this week to help welcome the Chinese President. The ambassador says the deepening ties between the two countries will provide for unparalleled cultural, diplomatic and trade growth.

We also speak with The National's Haneen Al Dajani following her return from a trip to China. She tells us what both countries are doing to break down the language barrier and how Chinese television may be the next big thing in the Middle East.


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