Girl ‘forced’ into taking pills by lover, Abu Dhabi court hears

The couple are accused of trading drugs, such as hashish and Tramadol.

ABU DHABI // A girl accused with her partner of dealing in illegal drugs says he forced her to take pills.

When she refused, he threatened to tell her brothers of their relationship, it was alleged at the Criminal Court.

The Emirati couple are accused of acquiring, trading and consuming illegal drugs including tramadol and hashish. The girl admits taking the pills but says she did not know what they were.

She said her partner hid the pills in her clothes and bag when they met, and told her he was keeping them for a friend.

The couple were caught together in a car filled with drugs, the court was told.

The girl’s lawyer said her client should receive immediate treatment because she had tried to kill herself and was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms.

“She is young, unaware. She was forced to take the drugs, and even though they were a small amount, her body had absorbed it. She needs the drugs now,” the lawyer said.

She said the girl was “drinking shampoo in prison and screaming all the time. I am afraid for her. She is so young”.

The lawyer said there was no solid evidence of her client buying or trading drugs. The case was adjourned to March 6.