Friday sermon: the peace that comes with being a true believer

Worshippers will be told that Muslims must be grateful for all that comes their way

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A true Muslim's heart is filled with conviction and assurance of faith. The believer feels at peace and grateful for the gifts bestowed by Allah, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

So how amazing it is to be a believer, the Prophet Mohammed once said.

“Indeed their entire affair is good. And this is not the case with anyone except a believer. Should prosperity come their way, [believers] are grateful and that is good for them. Should adversity come their way, ­[believers] patiently persevere,” he said.

True believers live their lives in a cheerful and positive way. They have peace of mind in the knowledge that they will be cared for by Allah. “And whosoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart.” (Quran 64:11)

There are many rewards for faith, the sermon will say.

Whoever is kind, helps others and lives feeling fortunate and happy will enter Paradise in a state of bliss.

“Those who have believed and done righteous deeds, their Lord will guide them because of their faith. Beneath them rivers will flow in the Gardens of Pleasure.” (Quran 10:9)

Worshippers should be grateful and humble for their blessings, thanking Allah frequently. It is with gratitude that blessings are made to persist and negative occurrences are repelled.

The Quran says that anyone who is grateful for all they face will be rewarded further.

Patience is another quality in a believer that is highly rewarded. The sermon will call on worshippers to pray to Allah that He might make them patient, more pious and obedient.

A true believer also realises that adversity is a gift and affliction is a blessing in disguise when responded to correctly.

The mark of a true Muslim is the ability to remain steadfast in faith and grateful regardless of what comes their way.