Former colleagues in Dubai court row over LinkedIn status and Facebook ‘insult’

American nursery owners says Canadian did not remove her employment status on LinkedIn after resigning and said she then insulted him on Facebook.

DUBAI // A Canadian woman was accused but acquitted of publicly insulting her former boss on Facebook.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanors heard that K C, 31, had insulted American D L, 43, after he asked her to change her status on LinkedIn from being an employee at his nursery.

He told prosecutors that K C had resigned willingly from the nursery,yet four months later, he noticed that she had still not updated her employment status on LinkedIn, making users believe that she still worked there.

“I contacted her on email and politely asked her to change the status since she had resigned months earlier, but she did not answer my email,” D L said.

“Shortly after sending her the email, I learnt that she had been insulting me on her Facebook page.”

In her Facebook status she said that the nursery was losing money and that if she was contacted again by its owner she would sue him for harassment.

The nursery owner contacted his lawyer and lodged a complaint against her.

The court acquitted her on the grounds that her Facebook status did not name anyone. The verdict was appealed but the acquittal was upheld.

Published: December 4, 2014 04:00 AM