Facebook conversation links Dubai maid to sponsor theft

She allegedly told a Filipino friend via social media that she had stolen and was planning to leave the country.

DUBAI // A maid was linked to the theft of 2,000 euros from her sponsor’s home through a Facebook chat with a friend.

Dubai Criminal Court was told that the 41-year-old Filipino stole the cash from her sponsor’s pocket on August 20 last year after he forgot the amount was in his shirt pocket in the bathroom.

“It was about 1pm when I changed and hanged my shirt in the bathroom. When I returned at about 4pm, the money was gone,” said the Jordanian businessman.

He said he had no reason to suspect the maid had taken it as she had often seen money at the house and never took any of it.

“But three days later, she ran away, after which I reported the theft to police and also contacted the woman who got us the maid,” said the 74-year-old.

The Filipino teacher who arranged the work for the maid at the sponsor’s house said the maid had told her through Facebook that she had been stealing from her boss’s home and will be leaving the country.

In court on Thursday morning, the maid denied theft charges. Prosecutors offered a copy of the Facebook conversation, which includes her alleged confession to her friend.

The next hearing is on August 11.


Published: July 28, 2016 04:00 AM