Emirati surgeon Moza Al Kaabi mourned

The funeral of a local orthopaedic surgeon produced many memories of an individual who was all about achieving.

Emirati surgeon Dr Moza Al Kaabi died in a Fujairah car crash on Thursday. Courtesy Al Kaabi family
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FUJAIRAH // The funeral of Dr Moza Al Kaabi brought mourners from across the country on Sunday – so many that some had to pray outside the mosque.

The 31-year-old, who died in a car crash on Thursday, had a list of achievements well beyond most her age.

Academically gifted, Dr Al Kaabi excelled in school and had ambitions to be a doctor from an early age, according to her father, Sultan Al Kaabi, 59.

She attended high school in Scotland before spending nearly 11 years in China furthering her studies, obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

She joined Zayed Military Hospital as an orthopaedic surgeon in 2007.

“With the help and support of the country’s leaders”, she became the UAE’s first native orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Al Kaabi said.

“She was one of the top students in school and always wanted to be a doctor to help ease others’ pain.”

Dr Al Kaabi participated in a number of local and international conferences and many local universities requested her attendance to encourage students and to share her experience and knowledge.

She was also among the first women to be recruited in the UAE National Service.

On top of those accolades, she was selected as a goodwill ambassador for the Organisation of the Southern Philippines Muslim and Non-Muslim Unity and Development Association.

To add to the heartbreak of losing such a selfless individual, the family said she was preparing for her wedding, which was scheduled for shortly after Eid Al Adha.

“My mind is not accepting the thought that she is gone now,” said her sister Ayesha Al Kaabi, 26.

“She was truly loved by all the people she had ever met, her kind heart and sweet soul affected everyone.”

On Thursday at 10.45pm, the family received a call from the police to inform them that Dr Al Kaabi had died in a car accident.

“My brother Rashed received a call from the police saying that our sister had passed away in an accident and nobody believed it,” Ms Al Kaabi said.

“She called my mother at 9pm to inform her that she was leaving to Fujairah and she asked to speak with our little niece Fatima, like she always did. She had a unique relationship with Fatima and adored kids.”

Mr Al Kaabi expressed how proud he was of his daughter’s accomplishments and spoke of her with passion and sympathy.

“She was a hard worker and so passionate about helping others. All the family members used to rely on her in solving any issue they faced and she was always there for us with her big smile and solutions.

“She used to write poetry with me and she was a talented painter. She was an angel,” he said.

Mariam Al Kaabi, her eldest sister, said that she loved children and was dreaming of having her own.

“She loved Fatima, my youngest daughter, and she was talented in dealing with kids almost as if she was one of them.”