Emirati man with no job has mountains of debt

Al Ain resident Nasser Al Megbali was let go from the police department and cannot find work.

Abu Dhabi // Like many Emiratis, Nasser Al Megbali is in debt.

He owes the bank more than Dh1 million and could be arrested at any moment because he is unable to pay back his loans.

“I can’t pay the bank because I can’t find a job,” Mr Al Megbali said. “The court also forced me to pay the whole amount. How am I supposed to do that?

“They issued a warrant for my arrest and there is nothing I can do. It’s not as if I have the money and don’t want to pay.”

A high school graduate from Al Ain, Mr Al Megbali, 27, previously worked for the police but was let go after he was arrested for drug use.

He was sentenced to do time at a rehabilitation centre, but there were no beds available. Instead, he went back and forth every month.

“I was released six months later,” he said. “I have a paper saying that I’m fit to work, from Al Ain Hospital, but the police fired me anyway.”

This was more than a year ago. Since then, Mr Al Megbali has applied for jobs everywhere, he said.

“I don’t mind working anywhere, even at the borders, but just anything so I don’t go to prison.”

He said he borrows money from his mother to pay for his necessities and to be able to go for interviews.

“My poor old mother gives me Dh100 a week. I hate asking money from her. It should be me who should be supporting her, not taking money from her.”

He has a car that he bought while he was working but cannot afford to renew the registration.

“I don’t go out. I can’t afford or risk leaving the house. Inshallah, when I get a job, I’ll be able to renew the registration.”

Mr Al Megbali, however, remains hopeful that the police will reinstate him.


Published: December 13, 2014 04:00 AM