Teachers told not to mock pupils in new UAE education code of conduct

Updated Ministry of Education code details conduct for both teachers and pupils and says staff are not allowed to mock or use sarcasm against students

The advance of technology has arguably made cheating in exams much easier. Jaime Puebla / The National
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An updated school code of conduct has been published by the Ministry of Education and it includes stipulations such as staff are not allowed to mock or use sarcasm against pupils.

The recently updated document also prohibits teachers and school staff from depriving students of food or toilet breaks, from using verbal insults or giving pupils detention after school hours, confiscating their belongings, expelling them from class, or lowering their grades.

It also states that corporal punishment cannot be used to discipline children.

The code was first issued six years ago but was updated by the ministry last month and made public this week.

The code also describes four degrees of violations that pupils can commit and suggests several correctional procedures, including verbal warnings, written warnings, mandatory programmes for reforming behaviour and, in cases of serious violations, the student can be expelled and be told to undergo a mandatory bad conduct rehabilitation programme.


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