Dutch Expo 2020 pavilion to feature giant biotope

The exhibit will focus on water and food scarcity, and rising energy demands

A massive cone-like structure covered with plants is set to be the centrepiece of the Netherlands' pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

A biotope concentrating on the connection between water, energy and food will draw visitors into a powerful sensory experience at the Dutch exhibit.

The design aims to shed light on a number of global issues, including water scarcity, food security and rising energy demands.

The Gulf region is a massive water and energy consumer, with most of its food imported.

The Netherlands' pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai
The Netherlands' pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai

“We’re proud of this wonderful design, which shows what the Netherlands is all about,’ said Sigrid Kaag, the Dutch foreign trade and development minister.

"It’s a real calling card for the Netherlands, and we’re looking forward to receiving members of the public and lots of visitors from the business world," said Hans Sandee, the Dutch Consul-General to Dubai.

Authorities from the Netherlands said they are investing Dh81.1 million in their Expo 2020 exhibit.

The biotope aims to represent the link between water, energy and food. Courtesy Expo 2020 Dubai
The biotope aims to represent the link between water, energy and food. Expo 2020 Dubai

The country hopes to showcase their solutions to the major environmental issues of the day and work with governments to move the region towards a more sustainable future.

Its pavilion is also setting an example in terms of construction as it will be built entirely from locally available materials. It will be located in Expo 2020’s Sustainability Thematic District.


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Updated: December 10, 2018 04:53 PM


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