Dubai Police to send 4,000 officers to keep revellers safe on New Year's Eve

Three field hospitals will be set up to treat those requiring medical attention

About 4,000 Dubai Police officers will ensure the safety of New Year's Eve revellers across the emirate on Thursday.

Officers will be stationed at 23 main locations where celebrations are being held.

At least 2,000 patrol cars will roam the streets and 200 security points will be set up across the city.

Police said they would use artificial intelligence to monitor the temperatures of people attending the celebrations.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , April 16– 2020 :- Dubai Police officer stopping the private vehicles and checking the movement permit near Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. Dubai is conducting 24 hours sterilisation programme across all areas and communities in the Emirate and told residents to stay at home. UAE government told residents to wear face mask and gloves all the times outside the home whether they are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or not.  (Pawan Singh / The National) For News/Online/Instagram

The increased police presence is part of a plan to manage traffic, enforce Covid-19 safety precautions and ensure the health and safety of people ringing in the New Year.

Three field hospitals will be set up across the emirate in case anyone is in need of medical care, Dubai Health Authority said.

About 50 doctors and nurses will be on call, with 10 support staff members ready to help.

On Sunday, Dubai Civil Defence and the emirate's Roads and Transport Authority shared a comprehensive plan to manage traffic and ensure compliance with safety measures.

Roads near Burj Khalifa will close from 4pm on Thursday to prevent congestion and public transport schedules will be expanded to cater for crowds.

Maj Gen Rashid Al Matroushi, director general of Dubai Civil Defence, said more than 585 officers would be stationed around the emirate on New Year's Eve.

Gen Al Matroushi said 21 civil defence stations would be set up near celebration sites with 71 fire and rescue vehicles on hand.

At least 122 ambulance stations will be open across the emirate, with 78 emergency stations near popular areas.

Another 200 ambulances will be at celebration sites with about 700 paramedics and other medical staff on duty.

Ambulances and medical stations will be routinely disinfected to ensure compliance with Covid-19 safety measures.