Dubai municipality cracks down on illegal posters

Dubai Municipality has run a campaign against illegal advertisements and posters stuck to walls, doors, lampposts and bridges.

Abdulmajeed Sifai, from the municipality, said the campaign was to raise awareness of the consequences of random ads on the individual and the city at large. He said posters affect the aesthetic appeal of the city that costs the government money. Health and economic risks also occur when non-controlled items and services are advertised.

Officials penalised individuals and companies involved in putting up advertisements during the crackdown. The campaign covered large parts of Deira and Bur Dubai and saw specialised teams remove stickers and posters totalling 35 bags weighing 68 kilograms.

Company Profile

Company name: Cargoz
Date started: January 2022
Founders: Premlal Pullisserry and Lijo Antony
Based: Dubai
Number of staff: 30
Investment stage: Seed

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