Did you hear about the paycheque that crossed a Dubai road? It was returned to its owner

The panic of realising that a monthly pay cheque was missing was matched only by the disbelief that it was recovered after blowing across a busy Sheikh Zayed Road for one lucky account manager.

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DUBAI // The panic of realising that a paycheque was missing was matched only by the disbelief for the payee that it was recovered after blowing across a busy Sheikh Zayed Road.

That is the situation Said Mahmoud, an account manager at a PR and events management company, found himself in recently after his pay packet went astray on his monthly trip to Dubai Mall to cash his cheque.

“I usually take a cab to Dubai Mall to cash my cheques but for some reason I decided to take my car that day,” said Mr Mahmoud, who had stashed his cheque in the inside pocket of his jacket, which he took off before getting into the car.

The Jordanian did not realise that the cheque was missing until he stepped out of his car at the mall car park.

“I freaked out, and needless to say, I tore up the inside of my car looking for the cheque, but nothing,” he said.

He returned to his work to report the cheque missing and tried to retrace his steps hoping to find the cheque but his efforts were in vain.

As Mr Mahmoud stepped out of the finance office at his company, an accountant followed him asking his name and the value of his cheque. Much to his surprise, the accountant told him that someone from Emirates Grand Hotel — across Sheikh Zayed Road from where he had set off — had found the cheque.

It transpired that hotel employee Maqsood, from Pakistan, found the cheque at about noon on January 29 and handed it to the income auditor at the hotel.

“He told me he found it and thought to hand it to police but then decided to give it to me and said he was sure I would know what exactly to do,” said Disha Kaur, 25, from India.

She Googled the name of the company named on the cheque and found a phone number.

“When I called, I asked to be transferred to the finance department and they thought I was asking about a cheque for me, but then I explained and provided them with the cheque’s number and details,” she said, adding that they then told her it was issued for one of their employees.

Mr Mahmoud said: “I couldn’t believe it. I went there and retrieved my cheque and lived happily ever after.”