Dangerous drivers of 22 cars, trucks lose vehicles

Cars that were confiscated were being driven at more than 200kph.

ABU DHABI // Traffic police confiscated 12 cars and 10 lorries last month for speeding and dangerous overtaking, officials say.

Col Hamad Al Bloushi, the head of the highways directorate at Abu Dhabi traffic police, said the dangerous drivers were caught on the emirate's outer roads and were driving between 201kph and 236kph.

The lorries were pulled over for dangerous overtaking. Col Al Bloushi warned of stringent measures against speeding drivers. Their vehicles will be confiscated for a month and they will receive 12 black points.

Maj Mohsen Al Minhali, the head of the highways section at the directorate, said that motorists should embrace the holy month of Ramadan to commit to the rules and regulations so that they don't hurt themselves or anyone else on the roads.


Published: August 1, 2011 04:00 AM