Woman forced into prostitution, court told

She was lured to Dubai with promises of a job as a waitress, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A woman forced her compatriot to work as a prostitute, a court was told today in tearful testimony from the alleged victim.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard the 27-year-old Filipina, testify that she was approached in her country by a man who offered her a waitress job in Dubai through a woman named AA.

Prosecutors charged AA with human trafficking and prostitution. She denied both charges.

The 27-year-old said she arrived in Dubai on April 5 and was told she would have to pay back about Dh19,000, which AA said she paid to bring her to the UAE.

She testified that AA took her from the airport and seized her passport. The same day, AA told her that she would work as a prostitute and that if she refused, she or her family would die.

AA then began marketing her by taking pictures of her in lingerie and sending them to potential customers, records show.

After being forced into several sex acts, the woman said, she deceived AA into allowing her to use the internet, and she sent e-mails to the Philippines Consulate. AA also gave her a mobile phone, from which she sent messages to KF, a relative in Dubai, seeking help.

KF testified that she received messages seeking help, but asked about her location, the victim said she did not know.

The woman texted KF again when she was near a hotel, and KF met her there and took her to the police station, where she reported the crime.

The next hearing will be on July 10.


Published: June 26, 2011 04:00 AM