Woman calls Dubai Police on husband for keeping his lover in marital bedroom

Indian hotel manager kept pregnant Ukrainian lover in bedroom all night before wife called police.

DUBAI // A woman reported her husband to police after he brought his lover to the couple's home and kept her in their bedroom, a court heard today.

Indian AJ, 32, called police at dawn of November 29 last year after her husband, KR, 35, refused to take his lover out of the married couple's apartment in Discovery Gardens.

"He told me he is having an affair with a woman who is pregnant from him and that he wanted divorce," she said. "I didn't mind but we were still married when he brought her to our home."

In her testimony, AJ said that her Indian husband, a hotel manager, informed her about two weeks before she made the police report that he was in love with his Ukrainian work colleague, VL, 22, and that the woman was two months' pregnant with his child. The couple agreed to divorce.

One week after he informed her, the wife said KR brought his lover to the apartment where she spent the night with him in the bedroom. "He refused to take her out, so I called police," said AJ, who added that her husband had confessed to her that he often brought his lover to the house while she was sleeping or away.

"He also told me he often had sex with her in his car," she said.

When a police patrol arrived at the apartment and questioned the husband, he confessed that his lover was with him in the bedroom. He also confessed to having sex with her several times and that his wife was aware of the relationship.

"She knew and I asked her for a divorce several times but she refused," he said.

The husband and his lover were arrested at the apartment and referred to the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on charges of having sex outside of wedlock.

They denied the charge and claimed that they were married. Their defence lawyer presented a divorce document to prove that his client has legally separated from his first wife and had married his lover, VL.

During prosecution interrogations, the husband said he met the Ukrainian in March last year and they fell in love. "I love this woman and I want to marry her and take care of our baby," said the man.

The Ukrainian said she was not guilty of the charge and that she loved KR.

The court found both defendants guilty and sentenced them to one year in prison each, followed by deportation. Their marriage had happened after the pair were arrested.


Published: May 14, 2013 04:00 AM


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