Ruling ends four-year, lawsuit-filled divorce proceeding

The couple had sued, countersued and even resorted to violence, according to court records.

ABU DHABI // The Court of Cassation issued a divorce verdict today that ended a four-year lawsuit between a Yemeni man and an Emirati woman – a dispute that included a stabbing on the courthouse steps.

According to court records, several years ago IB gave her husband KB power of attorney over her assets. Because IB is an Emirati, she was provided with accommodation by her employer.

After problems escalated between her and her husband, she kicked him out of the house, saying it belonged to her. But because KB had power of attorney, he shifted the contract to his name and kicked her out instead.

The couple then traded financial lawsuits against each other over four years, and IB filed for divorce.

IB also claimed in court that KB had been a bad influence on her, even driving her to report her mother to the police and sue her brothers.

Finally, on July 17 as KB left the court about 11.45am after refusing to divorce IB, her family members are accused of stabbing him. No charges have been filed but police are investigating.

The Court of Cassation both parties responsible in the divorce, thus neither was issued financial compensation from the other.

Published: August 7, 2011 04:00 AM