Policeman and daughter guilty of calling doctor treating their relative 'an animal'

Emirati father and daughter were enraged that his son, who had been in a car crash, was lying in pain and the doctor was not there

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A policeman and his daughter were found guilty of insulting a doctor publicly and calling her an animal for allegedly failing to attend to their relative.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard that the Emirati policeman, 47, was visiting his son at Rashid Hospital along with his 24-year-old daughter on March 14 and, when they arrived, he was in pain, so they asked the nurse to call his doctor. The son had been in a traffic accident.

“The nurse called me about 8.30pm and I told her that I’m with other patients and that a different doctor had been assigned to follow up on that patient’s case,” said the Emirati doctor, 26.

As she was on the phone with the nurse, the patient’s sister pulled the phone out of the nurse’s hand and spoke to the doctor impolitely.

“She started threatening me, saying that if I didn't come within minutes, I won’t be able to work tomorrow and she meant that she would have me fired. I didn't respond to her threats and told her to check with the reception,” said the doctor.

The defendants went to the reception and asked the Emirati employee to call the doctor.

“As I was on the phone with the doctor, the sister and her father started issuing insults, calling the doctor an animal for leaving their relative in pain. The doctor heard them and told me that the patient was given medication,” said the Emirati receptionist.

The doctor called police to report the incident and, during questioning, the sister said she could see her brother’s condition was deteriorating and was asking to shift him to a different hospital.

“The nurses called her several times to come and sign papers to discharge my brother but she refused then hung up every time they called her,” said the woman, adding that she did not mean anything by what she said but vowed to complain to hospital management.

The policeman said that he couldn't bear to see his son moaning in pain and crying.

“He had a head injury and was promised an MRI but the doctor didn't come, so I lost my temper when I saw my son twisting from pain,” he said, adding that he apologised to the doctor later and told her that he was referring to the doctor who was supposed to carry out the MRI.

“I am a policeman and I know law and proper procedures. I don't have to insult people, I simply follow rules and file a complaint - why would I insult her?” he said.

Both defendant denied charges of issuing insults and threats. However, they were convicted and fined Dh5,000 each.