Jail visitors charged with car burglaries

Men were waiting to meet with a friend at the jail and saw car owners place valuables inside, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Three men killing time while waiting to visit a friend in the Dubai Central Jail burglarised a car at Jumeirah Beach, a court heard today.

Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance charged WM, NS, and AF, all Jordanians, with breaking the rear window of a white Toyota Corolla and stealing a laptop and several mobile phones.

Records show that the car was parked at Jumeriah Beach around noon as its owners had a swim on April 2.

WM, NS and AF happened to be walking through the area after driving from Sharjah to visit a friend at Dubai Central Jail. They had arrived too early for visiting hours, which begin at 4pm, so they decided to swim at the beach.

When they came out of the sea, they saw the Corolla's owners changing clothes for the beach and putting valuables in the car. Prosecutors said that WM used a hammer to break the glass of the back window with his two friends, then took a number of valuables, including the laptop and mobiles.

Records show that a Toshiba laptop was found with AF.

The next hearing was set for September 14.


Published: August 17, 2011 04:00 AM