Jail term upheld for Dubai teacher who kissed 15-year-old student

A mathematics teacher who molested his 15-year-old student has his six-month prison term upheld by the Appeals Court.

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DUBAI // A mathematics teacher who molested his 15-year-old student and told her he "wanted to eat her" had his six-month jail term upheld by the Appeals Court today.

KY, 45, Palestinian, told the girl she was a "princess" before trying to kiss her during a private lesson she was receiving at Al Ittihad Cultural Council in Hor Al Anz after school hours on May 19 last year.

He also stared at her and made a number of attempts to touch her hand and face despite being pushed away by the girl

"He kept asking me if I liked sex and told me he was horny," said the girl.

When the lesson ended he kissed her once more, saying "Alas, time is over. I wanted to eat you."

The pupil ran down the stairs and headed to her mother's car. When she got home she told her older sister what had happened and her mother overheard. The mother then told her husband and he reported the matter to police.

The 41-year-old father, an Armed Forces officer, said his wife told him what had happened at about 10pm. "I changed my clothes and took my daughter then headed to the council," he said. But when he arrived the council was closed. He then called the operations room which followed up his report and police arrested the teacher.

The teacher denied a charge of sexual assault when he appeared in court September last year.

However he was found guilty and will be deported following the completion of his prison term.