Housewife who ran brothel loses appeal case

She had been convicted of exploiting underage girl and running a prostitution den.

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DUBAI // The conviction of a housewife who sexually exploited an underage girl in a brothel she operated at home was upheld by an appeal court today.

SM, 48, Emirati, was sentenced last month in the Criminal Court of First Instance to nine months in prison.

At the court of first instance SM denied the charges.

A housemaid from the Philippines, SY, 45; and TS, 60, an accountant from Syria, were also convicted in connection with the brothel.

They were sentenced to nine months each for operating a brothel, consensual sex and criminal complicity.

An Iranian man, AA, 33, was sentenced to three months for having sex with the Emirati while FM, 23, an Ethiopian housemaid, was sentenced to six months for prostitution.

Prosecution records show that TS and SY ran the brothel for a year at an apartment in Muteena.

The case of the underage girl is currently under review at the Juvenile Court.