Emiratis threatened guards at nightclub, court told

They refused to leave and told one security worker they would kill him, prosecutors said.

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DUBAI // Two unemployed men are charged with threatening to kill two security guards at a nightclub after the guards reported them to police for starting a brawl and refusing to leave the club, a Dubai court heard this morning.

MY, 27, an Emirati allegedly threatened to kill the guards, EP and AJ, and telling them “I will kill you once I'm out of prison”, said prosecution records.

According to records, the incident took place on January 23 about 3.30am at the Rigal Plaza nightclub.

Prosecutors said MY and NJ, 24, also Emirati, came to the nightclub and but not allowed in because of their history of making trouble.

The security guards told their supervisor the men refused to leave until they were allowed inside to have a drink, records said.

EP testified his supervisor allowed them inside, and they drank a lot of vodka and scotch.

When it was time to close the club, EP said AJ informed him the two men were totally drunk and refused to leave. MY drew a knife and threatened to kill him, records show.

The club called police who, while arresting the men, found what they believed to be a can of tear gas, records show.

The men denied threatening the guard with a knife and said they had found the weapon on the dance floor, records said.

They were also charged with illegal alcohol consumption.

AJ confessed before the court while MY did not attend the hearing.

A verdict is expected on March 30.