Electrician jailed for molesting 5-year-old boy

The boy's uncle witnessed the man molest his nephew outside their Bur Dubai home

An electrician who molested a boy, 5, was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to six months in prison.

On June 14, the Indian boy was playing in his house in Bur Dubai, where his family and uncle also lived, when the electrician called him outside.

The boy went out to meet the Indian accused, 33, who then hugged and molested him, not realising the child’s uncle could see him.

“I was waiting for my nephew to finish playing so I could take him upstairs to his mother when I saw what happened,” the uncle, 24, said.

The uncle ran towards the electrician and pushed him away from his nephew.

“The electrician screamed at me saying ‘who are you to interfere?’” said the uncle, who called the child’s father to tell him what happened.

By the time the boy’s dad had arrived, the accused had fled.

“We called police and by the time they arrived we had found the accused hiding near a mosque in the neighbourhood,” said the uncle.

At Dubai Criminal Court, the man denied a charge of sexual assault but on Thursday was convicted. He will be deported after serving his prison term.

Published: September 12, 2019 09:14 PM