Dubai worker denies kissing colleague, says it was 'kiss-of-life'

A drunk McDonald's worker found kissing his colleague on the beach by a boy who thought the pair were "wrestling", said he was merely performing CPR on the woman.

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DUBAI // A McDonald's employee caught drunkenly kissing his co-worker on the beach told a court yesterday he was merely trying to resuscitate her with the "kiss-of-life".

FK, 28, from India, and JM, 25, a Filipina were reported to police after an Emirati child told his mother he had seen the pair "wrestling" on the Open beach.

The mother said she called the police after watching the pair kiss and "touch intimately" for about an hour as they hid under the safety guard tower.

When officers arrived the two lovers, who were both drunk, tried to flee but were caught and taken to Bur Dubai Police Station, where they confessed to drinking alcohol and kissing, but denied having sex.

The Filipina said the pair had fallen in love after meeting at McDonald's, where they work, about two and a half years ago. On December 17 last year they met at a Deira hotel to drink alcohol before leaving for the beach.

"I sat on his leg and we kissed but we did not have sex," she told prosecutors, though she later clarified that he held her only to warm her up because it was "very cold".

Her boyfriend said each of them had drunk about five glasses of Scotch before going to the beach.

Prosecutors claim that during their interviews he admitted to kissing the woman, saying "I kissed her because I love her".

However, at the Misdemeanours Court he denied committing an indecent act in public, saying he was merely performing CPR on the woman.

The next hearing was scheduled for January 29.