Dubai court rejects appeal for early release by man convicted of murder 18 years ago ​​​​​​​

Indian is serving a life sentence for killing a shop owner in the Naif area in 2003

A closeup shot shows the facade of the Dubai Courts building during a hearing on April 04, 2010 in the case of a British couple sentenced to a month in jail after being convicted of kissing in public in a restaurant in the Muslim Gulf emirate. The couple's lawyer said the appeals court upheld the one-month prison sentence against the two, named by the British press as Ayman Najafi, 24, a British expat, and tourist Charlotte Lewis, 25. The couple were arrested in November 2009, after they were accused of consuming alcohol and kissing in a restaurant in the trendy Jumeirah Beach Residence neighbourhood.     AFP PHOTO/STR / AFP PHOTO
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Dubai Criminal Court for a second time rejected an appeal for the early release of a man convicted of murder 18 years ago.

The Indian tailor, 40, had his first appeal turned down in 2017.

He is one of three men serving life sentences for killing the owner of a shop in the Naif area on April 20, 2003.

The tailor and a Pakistani worker, 43, were convicted of premeditated murder in April 2004.

The third man, 50, also from Pakistan, fled but was caught in 2016 after he returned to the UAE assuming the charges against him had been dropped.

Judges heard how the three attacked the victim. The tailor hit the man with a solid object and then all three looked around the shop to steal cash.

When the victim regained consciousness, they stabbed him in the chest, neck and arms.

After making sure he was dead, they stole his mobile phone, Dh300 and his ATM card and withdrew Dh5,500.

The camera at the ATM helped the police to identify one of the Pakistani men. He admitted the crime and gave information about the others, but both had left the country.

Three months later, the tailor was arrested at Dubai International Airport trying to re-enter the UAE.

"The third partner ... who the other two said was the mastermind behind the murder, returned to Dubai in June 2016 and was arrested at Dubai International Airport," a police officer said.

“The pair told us he was facing financial difficulties and suggested they steal from the victim.”

According to UAE laws, a convict serving life imprisonment can request an early release after completing 15 years of his sentence.

A committee will examine the request and the convict’s file to decide if he is eligible for an early request.

“The committee looks at the inmate’s conduct during incarceration and if they would pose a threat to society once released,” said legal consultant Hassan Elhais from Al Rowaad Advocates.

“It doesn’t look at the original crime or the circumstances that led to incarceration, because that was the duty of judges who ruled on the case.”

If rejected, the request can be resubmitted two years later, Mr Elhais said.

The men will be deported after completing their sentences.