Drug dealer to spend life in prison

The man was arrested after police saw him leave drugs beneath a vehicle in return for money

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A man caught selling drugs in Dubai International City has been sentenced to life in prison.

The 29-year-old Iranian was arrested on July 23 after police investigated a tip off.

According to court records, the man would sell drugs by telling customers to leave cash under a parked car then swap the money for the drugs, which the clients would then pick up.

At 11.40pm on the day of his arrest, police followed the man when he left his house and saw him place an object beneath a car.

"We arrested him after he placed the drugs and as he was attempting to leave," said an Emirati lieutenant. He said that during questioning the man admitted to leaving heroin under the truck.
"He told us that a drug dealer in Iran ordered him to leave the heroin there and told him another man would pick it up. We seized the object, it turned out to be a plastic bag containing heroin," the officer said.
The defendant said the drug dealer approached him while he was in Iran and offered him money to collect drugs from his flat in Dubai International City to deliver to buyers.
"He promised to pay me Dh25,000 upon my return to Iran," the man said in records.
The flat from where the accused took the drugs was searched and more narcotics was found and seized.

"The defendant directed us to pills stashed behind an oven," the policeman said.
Police found more drugs hidden underneath a sofa and money transfer receipts suspected to be linked to the drug peddling business.
On Monday, the Iranian man was convicted of possessing to sell more than seven kilogrammes of drugs including heroin, methamphetamine and Tramadol.
He was sentenced to life in prison to be followed by deportation.