Cleaner 'raped co-worker' at Dubai International Financial Centre

Woman says his attack was unprovoked and he left the room without saying a word

A cleaner choked and raped his co-worker at Dubai International Financial Centre, the emirate’s Criminal Court heard on Monday.

The pair were cleaning building 10 on June 6 when the Bangladeshi accused, 28, attacked the woman.

“I had just finished cleaning the bathroom in the women’s prayer room and headed back to the store to return the tools and detergents,” the Nepalese woman, 27, said.

She said the accused was sitting in the shop.

“He asked me which part of the building I worked in and, after I responded, he just walked towards me and pushed me against the wall.”

According to court records, he began choking her then stripped her naked and raped her before leaving without saying a word.

The woman told prosecutors that she was in shock and could not move for almost an hour.

When she returned to her accommodation, she told her Indian supervisor what happened. She advised her to call police.

The man was arrested and, during police questioning, admitted to raping the woman.

A medical report revealed that his DNA was found on the woman’s clothes.

He faced a rape charge at Dubai Criminal Court on Monday but his plea was heard behind closed doors.

The case was adjourned until September 19.

Updated: September 9, 2019 06:26 PM