Corrupt Dubai cop jailed after being caught red-handed taking bribes in undercover sting

Police officer accepted thousands of dirhams to disclose the criminal status of 17 people

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A disgraced Dubai Police officer who accepted thousands of dirhams worth of bribes to log into criminal data systems and share confidential information was caught red-handed by an undercover sting operation.

The corrupt cop has been locked up for two years after accepting more than Dh10,000 dirhams in return for making checks on the criminal status of 17 people.

The Emirati, 38, was caught out after police, who were tipped off about his activities, went undercover to expose his crimes, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Two police officers posing as expatriates contacted the defendant on WhatsApp, telling him they needed to know their criminal status and if they were wanted by police.

The officer told them to send their names and passport numbers and arranged a meeting where information and the bribe would be exchanged.

The offender was arrested after accepting a Dh2,000 bribe from the pair.

He was convicted of accepting bribes, abuse of position and breach of duties, and disclosing confidential information.

He was fined Dh10,000 in addition to being jailed for two years.

Two other men, a Pakistani, 33, and Indian, 60, were sentenced to a year in prison each while a fourth defendant, Indian, 43, was sentenced to six months, on charges of offering bribes to the officer and facilitating a crime.

“He would instruct the other defendants to bring expats who wish to know if they were wanted by authorities then log into the criminal data system and reveal confidential information for personal gain,” said an Emirati policeman in records.

The expatriate defendants will be deported after serving their terms. They can appeal the sentence within two weeks.