Coronavirus: newlyweds congratulated by Sheikh Mohammed for their ‘simple’ weddings

Couples in the UAE are opting for small and intimate marriage ceremonies in light of the safety measures in place

A couple wearing face masks amid the COVID-19 coronavirus attends to their wedding ceremony at a mosque in Banda Aceh on June 3, 2020. / AFP / CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN

Newly-wed Emiratis praised for cutting-back on wedding costs shared letters of congratulations from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, in videos posted online.

In a video posted by Dubai Post on Friday, the couples are seen reading letters by him, after celebrating their simple wedding at home.

Last month, UAE officials said the rise of virtual weddings in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic offered a "golden opportunity" to slash marriage costs.

In the past, the topic of costly weddings among Emiratis has been raised at the Federal National Council.

“Congratulations on your marriage, may God bless you and grant you success in building a new Emirati family that is coherent, connected, full of love and familiarity, and displays the highest values and to be the core of goodness, blessing and giving in our society, God willing,” the letter said.

One of the newlywed brides said in the video that the letter from Sheikh Mohammed is worth “a million big weddings”.

“I have to express my happiness with the letter,” she said.

‎“Indeed, having a wedding at a big ballroom with many attendees and a Zaffa (a special wedding singing and dancing ceremony by a band or guests) will make me happy, but once I opened the envelope and saw the signature and name of Sheikh Mohammed, that’s worth a million big weddings."

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While some may have postponed their weddings, others have chosen to celebrate at home by hosting small parties with limited family members, and inviting guests to join virtually.

Some couples in the UAE have also tied the knot over Zoom weddings.