Cleaner accused of molesting six-year-old

Police called after little girl confided in her father

A cleaner has been accused of sexually assaulting his employer’s six-year-old daughter, Dubai Criminal Court has heard.

Police were called when the little girl sneaked into her father’s bed late at night last month and said she was too afraid to sleep alone.

When asked her why, she explained she was worried the house cleaner would take her into a lift in the property.

And after checking CCTV cameras in the house, the father found footage of the man, 30, kissing and hugging his daughter as he led her towards the lift.

“When I asked her why [she was afraid to sleep alone], she said she did not want the cleaner to come and take her to the lift again,” the father, a flight attendant, told the court.

Police were called to the home in Al Qusais on March 7 and officers arrested the cleaner, from Bangladesh.

The girl's father claimed the accused had admitted sexually assaulting his daughter, although he later denied the charge in court.

“When I confronted him with the recording, he admitted [the abuse] and said it was a mistake which he would not repeat again,” the father told the hearing.

A verdict in the case is expected on April 29.

Published: April 20, 2019 01:40 PM