Businessman conned woman with fake eviction documents, Dubai court hears

Two men offered to help the Afghani woman, 35, after her husband refused to leave her apartment despite her winning a legal case against him.

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DUBAI // A woman trying to evict her former husband from her apartment was allegedly conned out of more than Dh50,000 by two men who claimed to have connections with sheikhs.

The woman, 35, an Afghani expatriate, had won a legal case against her husband but he refused to leave the property.

Two Pakistani men claimed they were friends of sheikhs and could obtain an eviction document from Dubai Municipality. One of them, a businessman, asked for Dh50,000 in return, the Court of Misdemeanours heard.

“I told him I didn’t have the money, so he looked at the gold I had and asked me to sell it,” the woman said.

“Then he took me to a gold shop that he said was owned by his uncle and had me sell my gold for Dh54,000.”

Later he provided her with an Arabic document he said was an eviction order, and said her ex-husband would be forced to leave within a couple of days.

When this did not happen she reported the businessman to the police, and he was arrested.

He said the woman had been his girlfriend, and he had left her about a month before she lodged the complaint.

“Why would I need a small amount like this? I have enough money,” he said.

The businessman said he had spent a lot of money on her when they were dating, that she owed him more than Dh90,000 and that the Dh50,000 she paid him was part of this debt.

“She just wants my money, that’s why she was with me in the first place. She even posted some of my pictures and personal info on her Facebook page trying to scandalise me,” he said.

The other accused said he had been present on several occasions when the woman took money from the businessman.

Both men deny obtaining money illegally.

The next hearing will be on April 10.