British man jailed for one year after assaulting a police officer

The man was convicted of physical assault, issuing death threats and insulting a police officer by Dubai Criminal Court

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A man who assaulted a police officer and threatened to shoot him after he was arrested for fighting, will spend a year in jail.
Dubai Criminal Court convicted the 23-year-old British man of physical assault, issuing death threats, and insulting a police officer, which he denied when he appeared in court last October.
Records show that at 11.30pm on August 24, the accused was brought into Naif police station after getting into a fight with someone. The arresting officer handcuffed him and sat him down on a chair before attending to paperwork.
"When I got back I found that he had uncuffed himself. I asked him how he did that but he didn't answer me then ripped off my uniform and punched me in the chest as he screamed that he would shoot me with his Magnum and bury me with his own hands," said the Emirati officer, adding that the man insulted him using foul language.
Police officers restrained the defendant and handcuffed him again.
"The victim didn't say a word back at the man nor did he touch him, he acted according to procedures," said a fellow officer.
He told the court said that the Brit attempted to provoke other officers from the moment he entered the station.
A medical report indicated the officer suffered minor injuries due to the assault.
The Brit was additionally charged with overstaying his visa to which he admitted, and is awaiting a seperate verdict. 
He will be deported after serving his jail term.