Boy killed by police vehicle is laid to rest

A boy hit and killed by a police vehicle this week was buried in Sharjah.

SHARJAH // A boy of four was buried yesterday, two days after he was hit and killed by a police vehicle on Sharjah's Corniche.

The body of Taha Nabil Kroom had been held at Kuwait Hospital after the accident on Monday.

Hospital sources said they received authorisation yesterday from the investigating authorities to hand over the body to the family for burial.

Lt Ahmad Hamad, the police traffic officer handling the case, said the department had completed its investigation and had forwarded its findings to the public prosecution.

No further information was available about the driver of the police vehicle, which was carrying the cannon used to signal the end of the daily fast during Ramadan.

According to the police report, Nabil Amin Kroom, Taha's father, had gone to a nearby hotel with his family to attend an iftar organised by his company.

He had left Taha and his 3-year-old sister with hotel staff in the children's play area inside the hotel and joined his colleagues.

Five minutes into the iftar the family were shocked to see a group of people gathered outside the hotel.

"We came closer, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his body," he said in the report. "It had been a heavy hit, crashing his head, and the body was in a pool of blood."

Mr Kroom said a security guard had seen the boy leave the hotel, and asked how hotel staff could have let that happen.

The hotel's executive secretary denied any knowledge of the accident beyond what she had seen in the media.

Hotel management declined to say whether their staff were being investigated.

According to an earlier police release, Taha died at the scene after he was run over at about 6pm on Monday.

The preliminary report from the traffic department showed that the boy was standing among parked cars along the road unattended and suddenly darted into the road as the police vehicle approached.

Ambulance and rescue teams were called but Taha had already died by the time they arrived.

Published: August 12, 2011 04:00 AM