Book on UAE heritage published ahead of National Day

Al Bayt Mitwahid Association, established by members of the CPC, has published the book which documents the UAE's diversity and progress.

ABU DHABI // A book that outlines the UAE’s economic progress and the country’s diversity has been published ahead of National Day.

The Union: 43 Years On includes infographics, text and photographs that illustrate the country’s accomplishments and various statistics on the nation as a whole as well as by emirate.

Al Bayt Mitwahid Association produced and published the book, which is in both Arabic and English.

“A big focus was to raise awareness about the UAE and about the individual emirates, highlighting their diversity and allowing the audience to see how that diversity makes the UAE unique as a whole,” said Alanoud Al Madhi, a member of the association who was involved in the book’s production.

“We did intense research with international and local sources to get the data that we needed and the overall message.”

The book begins with an overview of the UAE, including a look at its economic performance, standards of living, global competitiveness and societal happiness.

The next seven sections cover each emirate with statistics and facts related to their differing economies and other features such as tourist and cultural sites.

Many statistics relate to the gross domestic product per capita and other measures.

“When it comes to economic progress, the audience can see how the UAE and each emirate has progressed,” said Ms Al Madhi.

The emirate sections provide information on different features distinguishing each emirate. Ajman’s contains statistics on its real estate and ship building industries, while Fujairah’s highlights Wadi Wurayah and oil bunkering ports.

The section on Ras Al Khaimah covers its pharmaceutical and ceramics industries, while Sharjah’s includes facts about cultural sites and ports. The Umm Al Quwain section covers its poultry industry and works on display in its historic museum.

“Through the publication you can see how there’s a focus on culture and heritage in addition to progressing as a nation and an emirate,” said Ms Al Madhi.

“The most fascinating part is that the UAE is diverse and that’s what makes it unique, and the collection of all this uniqueness in each emirate makes it so special.”

Ms Al Madhi said the book is available free of charge and upon request from Al Bayt Mitwahid.

The association started on National Day in 2012 as a campaign by employees of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court.

It aims to promote giving, solidarity and mutual responsibility across the UAE.

Published: December 1, 2014 04:00 AM


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