Arrest made over fatal beach stabbing within eight hours, police say

Fujairah Police said they made the arrest within eight hours from finding the body of Abdullah Al Hanaya near Al Mazalat beach.

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FUJAIRAH // A man has been arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 23-year-old Emirati on a beach.

Fujairah Police said they made the arrest within eight hours of finding the body of Emirati Abdullah Al Hanaya near Al Mazalat beach.

Col Mohammed Al Shaer, director of CID, said the arrested man, Emirati A R, 21, was one of the victim’s friends and was having dinner with him at the beach on Saturday night, the night of the stabbing, for which he is to be charged.

Police allege that the suspect told them they fought over a personal matter and that, during the fight, he stabbed him.

After allegedly committing the crime, A R drove his car away but soon lost control and went down a cliff near the beach, police said.

Abdullah’s 30-year-old brother, Khames Al Hanaya, said that his family was relieved that an arrest had been made. after finding the killer of their brother.

“He was my brother’s friend, he works in Abu Dhabi, too,” he said. “They knew each other for the past six months and used to hang out during weekends.”

“The police have not contacted us yet for updates on the case but we received information about the defendant killer and that they were four that night – my brother and the defendant, and the killer with two of his cousins.

“He killer should face the maximum punishment for taking away our beloved brother, he doesn’t have the right to do that.

“Young people should learn a lesson out of this and should be extra cautious.” Abdullah was from a family of 15 in Al Ghurfa, Fujairah.