A chilly start to the New Year in the UAE

The new year will start with a cool spell, with temperatures set to drop to as low as 8C in some areas this week.

ABU DHABI // Temperatures during the first week of the new year could drop to as low as 8°C.

It will be very cool in some areas, remaining steady until tomorrow with some clouds but no rain, according to a spokesman for the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

Sea waves will not exceed 1.8?metres.

“Internal areas will be 23°C to 27°C maximum, and 8°C to 15°C minimum,” he said. “Temperatures will not get colder than the past few days but it could be more windy. Overall, the weather will be great.”

He said slight early morning fog would still be an issue, but mostly in Al Gharbia.

The weather is expected to change “significantly” by Friday, with fog and falling temperatures.

“People will feel the cold on Friday,” he said. The sea is also expected to be rougher then.

Al Ain police have advised drivers to be vigilant on the road in case of sudden fog.

Maj Salah Abdullah Al Humairi, of the Al Ain traffic and patrols section, called on motorists to “adhere to traffic rules and be cautious while driving through masses of fog to avoid accidents, which usually happen due to inattention and failure to allow a safe distance between vehicles”.

He urged drivers to pull on to the hard shoulder if the fog was too thick.