Dubai dad Tobias White-Sansom dies after nightclub incident in Spain

His brother demands probe after videos appear to show him being dragged and knelt on by bouncers

Dubai-based Tobias White-Sansom, 35, from Nottingham, died after an incident with bouncers outside a nightclub in Majorca, Spain. Photo: Maximillian White
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The brother of a Dubai father-of-two, who died outside a Spanish nightclub while on holiday, is determined to bring those responsible for his death to justice.

Scores of videos from bystanders have been sent to Maximillian White, a Dubai-based businessman, regarding his brother's death.

Tobias White-Sansom, 35, died five days after suffering injuries while being ejected from the Boomerang nightclub in Magaluf, a holiday resort on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

It is alleged security staff and police dragged White-Sansom to the floor as he was handcuffed, and he suffered facial and head injuries.

I can never go back to what life was like before, it is a new narrative that no longer involves my brother and my best friend
Maximillian White

A medical report showed he had two heart attacks and later died from his injuries at Son Llatzer Hospital on July 31.

White-Sansom, who ran his own tech company in Dubai, leaves behind two daughters, four-year-old Jasmine and 11-month-old Poppy.

His brother, who has made his fortune from medicinal cannabis and lives in Al Barari, said his family’s world has been ripped apart due to the traumatic event.

“When I get up in the night and think of what has happened, it is agonising,” Mr White, 42, told The National.

“Toby was right at the heart of our family, we would call him Big Teddy.

Dubai-based Tobias White-Sansom, 35, with his youngest daughter Poppy. Photo: Maximillian White

“There was a lack of care for Toby, and his treatment was brutal.

“I asked why Toby was arrested, the police said he was acting aggressively when he left the nightclub, but the video clearly shows him handcuffed and limp, unconscious on his feet before he is pushed to the floor and then sat on.

“There were eight people on him for 35 minutes, from his neck down to his waist.

“There are many eye-witness accounts from people who were there at the time, who said Toby was screaming that he couldn’t breathe.

“Some were Spanish, from Poland and there were some Irish families. They have all come forward to help.

“It was a very busy area, and there was a crowd of around 100 people there at the time, so there are many witnesses as to what happened.”

The Guardia Civil police said it responded to reports of an assault on security staff at the Boomerang club.

It is investigating events surrounding the arrest and the subsequent fatal injuries incurred by White-Sansom.

“Guardia Civil can confirm there is research ongoing about the facts,” said a Guardia Civil spokesman.

“Guardia Civil received an emergency call about a physical assault by an intoxicated person to the nightclub bouncer.

“Upon the arrival of the Guardia Civil police, this man was violent and police reduced him to be assisted by medical services. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“There, while he was being assisted, he was arrested for a crime of injury.”

White-Sansom’s family claim there was a lack of care for his injuries.

An independent expert in asphyxiation and head trauma was assigned to visit the hospital for an evaluation of his treatment.

“It was brought to our attention that Tobias was in police custody the first two days at the hospital, those were the most crucial days for his recovery,” said Dr Joel Osorio, an expert in complex medical cases involving brain pathologies, who flew to Mallorca from Mexico to assist doctors on July 30.

“A herniation of the amygdala (part of the brain) was also noted in a scan, perhaps caused from a blow to the head or trauma.”

Mr White, who has lived in Dubai for a decade, said he will remain in Spain until his brother is repatriated to his Nottingham home in the UK so an autopsy and investigation can begin.

“Toby was loving, loyal and forgiving as a person,” said Mr White.

“If he had come round, he would not have wanted to pursue this.

“All he wanted was to keep the family together and make sure we were okay through the hard times, like the pandemic.

“It is important an autopsy is done so a proper investigation can be done to find out exactly what happened.

“This has created a new life for me; I can never go back to what life was like before.

“It is a new narrative that no longer involves my brother and my best friend.”

Updated: August 07, 2022, 1:54 PM