Abu Dhabi to streamline access to all government services

Pilot phase of Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience improves efficiency by almost 50 per cent

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed launched the Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience on Tuesday. Image: Ministry of Presidential Affairs 

Abu Dhabi has launched a new programme to streamline its operations and reduce the time needed to gain access to its services.

During the pilot phase of the Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience — rolled out in three government entities — the amount of interaction and time it took to gain access to a service or complete a transaction was reduced by almost 50 per cent on average.

The programme, launched by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Office, seeks to create fewer touchpoints and enable quicker completion times.

It is not about being the fastest, it is about being effortless. Our end goal is to be the most effortless government in the world
Saeed Al Mulla, Abu Dhabi Executive Office

For example, applying for a parking permit previously had 25 touchpoints, required five documents and took 15 minutes to complete. With the customer experience programme, the number of interaction points was reduced to seven, only three documents were needed and it took four minutes to complete.

The new model will enable people to buy a home on the same day or start a business remotely.

“Yes, we want to be digital, yes, we want to be sitting at home using these services but if I'm sitting at home and I'm using my service on an app, but that takes 20 to 30 steps, then I'd rather go to the centre and deal with that,” said Saeed Al Mulla, executive director of the customer experience sector at Abu Dhabi Executive Office.

“So the point is, effortless steps and this is where we're launching today.

“It is not about being a digital-first government, it is not about being the fastest government — I can tell a doctor you have to screen this patient in less than five minutes but I don't think any patient wants to be screened in five minutes nor does any doctor want to be put under that pressure.

“So it's about how can I make this effortless for the customers.”

The new programme allows everything to be completed electronically, making things easier for senior citizens or those who might otherwise face accessibility issues on site.

“Effortless is how much effort do I have to put in as a customer? It's all of these coming together with the right balance so that the customer feels this is effortless,” Mr Al Mulla said.

“I didn’t get tired when I'm getting the service, it was so easy for me, and it's from the moment I think of using the service all the way until I get it.

“It is not about being the fastest, it is about being effortless. Our end goal is to be the most effortless government in the world.”

The launch follows a successful pilot phase in three government entities — the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Department of Economic Development, and the Department of Community Development.

Over the next three years, it will be rolled out across every government department in Abu Dhabi.

“Launching this first of its kind programme in the Middle East reflects our commitment to transforming the customer experience across government and to becoming a leader in this exciting, growing field,” said Mr Al Mulla.

“Abu Dhabi Government has always put people at the heart of everything it does. The launch of the programme is an extension of those efforts, making it even easier for people — whether they live here or are visiting — to carry out every task quickly, conveniently and effortlessly.”

Updated: March 23, 2022, 6:30 AM