UAE weather: wind speeds of 60kph in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and three-metre waves

Temperatures will regularly dip below 20°C in the next few days

Strong winds in the UAE could cause very rough conditions at sea, with waves reaching up to three metres, according to the National Centre of Meteorology.

In the message shared online on Friday, NCM issued an orange alert in both the Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman, as winds were expected to reach 60 kilometres per hour.

The Arabian Gulf could see waves up to three metres high, and a little less in the Sea of Oman.

NCM also said that strong north-westerly winds would blow dust across Abu Dhabi between 6.30am until 4pm on Friday.

Abu Dhabi Police issued a warning to motorists after the capital experienced high winds inland, and asked people not to video the weather while driving.

According to weather site, temperatures will regularly dip below 20°C in the next few days.

In its latest five-day weather bulletin, the NCM said Friday would be "rather cold during daytimes, dusty and partly cloudy at times over some coastal, northern and eastern areas, with another significant drop in temperatures".

It will be "cold during night with a probability of frost formation over some areas by Saturday morning," the forecaster added.

The UAE has experienced an unsettled start to 2022, with heavy rain and high winds recorded across the country.

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Updated: January 21, 2022, 6:46 AM