17 million amphetamine pills seized and three arrested in Dubai Police drugs bust

Syrians were trying to smuggle the Captagon pills through the UAE to another Arab country, police chief says.

Dubai Police seized more than 17 million Captagon pills from locations in Jebel Ali and Ajman in this year’s largest bust of drug capsules. Courtesy Dubai Police
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DUBAI // Three Syrian men have been arrested for trying to smuggle more than 17 million Captagon pills through the UAE, making it this year’s largest bust of drug capsules.

Dubai Police chief Maj Gen Khamis Al Muzeina said two of the suspects, H M M and M R, were arrested in the country. The third, A S A, was caught by Saudi Arabian authorities while trying to cross the border. “There is a fourth suspect, A A, who is abroad, but we are dealing with the relevant authorities to extradite him,” Gen Al Muzeina said.

He said the police received information that there was a shipment of the amphetamine Captagon coming in, and the anti-narcotics department and Dubai Customs tracked it to Jebel Ali Port.

Gen Al Muzeina said it was discovered that a similar shipment had arrived in Ajman and the first suspect, H M M, was identified. He admitted to storing the drugs in a warehouse near the Chinese Market in Ajman.

He also had 14 tramadol pills in his possession at the time of arrest.

“H M M said he was introduced to a man, A A, while he was abroad in another Arab country and they agreed that A A would transport the Captagon pills to the UAE,” said Gen Al Muzeina.

“Once the deal was made, the first suspect recruited his friend A S A, who in turn recruited a relative, M R, and decided they would split the money.”

He said that Abu Dhabi Police helped to arrest M R, who lived in the capital.

Gen Al Muzeina said the authorities found 7.5 million Captagon pills in the warehouse in Ajman and 10.2 million in Jebel Ali Port.

“Those pills were not meant to stay in the UAE but were headed to a Gulf country,” he said.

“We are thankful for the efforts of Dubai Customs, Ajman and Abu Dhabi police, as well as the Saudi Arabian authorities for helping us catch the suspects, who are accused of a very serious crime.

“We are happy to know that these drugs that ruin people’s lives are now off the streets.”