Egyptian is jailed for six months after scamming countryman out of more than Dh33,000 and forging Dubai Court documents.

Thaer Zuriekat

DUBAI // A legal consultant who conned a client out of Dh33,600 and forged Dubai Court letters has been found guilty and sentenced to six months in prison.

Egyptian A A, 25, told compatriot S Y, 49, he could solve his legal problems and have his name removed from a police wanted list.

Records show the pair met at the Dubai Courts complex in September, but details of S Y’s case were not revealed. The victim told prosecutors he agreed to hire the defendant as his lawyer and paid him Dh33,600.

Jordanian architect Y A, 24, testified: “The victim and I share an apartment and one night A A came with S Y and talked about his case. The defendant, later that night, told me he gave A A Dh500 as part of the payment to resolve his case.

“S Y tried to call the defendant several times after that night but he couldn’t reach him.”

The victim explained: “After several days, I met A A and he gave me a letter with the Dubai Prosecution letterhead and he told me that my case had been solved. When I went to Dubai Courts to check the status of my case, I was told that the document was forged.”

Prosecution charged A A with forgery and with fraudulently obtaining Dh33,600. Dubai Criminal Court found him guilty and sentenced him to six months, followed by deportation after completion of his sentence.

Published: May 29, 2014 04:00 AM