Emirati found to have several banned drugs in his system attacked arresting officers, leaving one of them with a permanent disability.

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DUBAI // A drug taker who had attacked police officers, causing one to be permanently disabled, while resisting arrest has had his 10-year sentence upheld.

Emirati S A, 21, who has a history of drug crimes, attacked the two officers on December 7 last year. Y S, 37, said that he and other officers went to the addict’s house to arrest him.

“He started screaming while we were trying to cuff him and put him in the car. At one point, I was talking to the man’s mother, then felt pain in my leg and fell down,” Y S said.

Fellow policeman S K, 30, said that S A was using his legs to resist getting into the patrol car. He pushed back hard, hitting Y S and pushing him to the ground. “We immediately called for back-up,” said S K.

Lab results came back positive for morphine, methamphetamine and other mind-altering substances. Y S reportedly suffered a 10 per cent permanent disability.

The unemployed Emirati denied charges of attacking police officers and damaging property, but confessed to smoking hashish.

He did not admit to taking any other drugs. As well as being jailed he was fined Dh20,000 and ordered to pay Dh150 in damages to Dubai Police.