Michael Jordan and other billion-dollar athletes, with Cristiano Ronaldo getting closer - in pictures

A look at the career earnings of some of the greatest athletes in history

There are good players. Then there are greats. And among them are all-time legends. Comparing sports stars across the world and eras is an impossible task, but what can be assessed is the money they have earned during their career.

There are just a handful of athletes across the world who can claim to have earned over $1 billion (Dh3.6bn) in their lifetime, and even after their death in one case.

We have complied a list of athletes who are part of that ultra-exclusive 'three-comma' club, plus a few who are on the verge of joining. NBA star Michael Jordan is by far the highest-earning athlete of all time, bringing in more than $2 billion and still going strong.

For calculations, lifetime earnings include salary, endorsement deals and brand value after retirement. Figures have been adjusted for inflation. Valuations include those done by Forbes and celebritynetworth.com.

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