Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's squabble with Real Madrid star and airport drama - best of the week

The Arsenal striker has had a dramatic few days as we take a look at the best social media posts

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - a man who stands up for what he believes and then voices it all over social media.

The Arsenal star has had a busy week, not only globe-trotting, but also keeping the football world entertained during what has been a low-key international break.

We'll start with the Toni Kroos squabble...

Aubameyang (and Ozil) vs Kroos

The Real Madrid midfielder, speaking on a podcast, described celebrations such as Aubameyang's mask hidden in the sock as "silly" and "nonsense".

"Aubameyang once celebrated and took out a mask. That's where it ends with me. I don't think that's a good role model, either," he said.

Word got out to Aubameyang and he volleyed back...

Kroos confirmed he does indeed have children of his own ...

And so Aubameyang came back with another sharp shot ...

And then sidelined Arsenal teammate (and former Real Madrid star himself) Mesut Ozil joined in too ...

Kroos was then quoted by German news outlet Bild as saying: "I'm not surprised by anyone anymore."

Aubameyang vs Gambia

The Terminal part 2? Ok, so Aubameyang didn't spend quite as long stuck in an airport as Tom Hanks in the Hollywood hit film, but in football terms it was quite an episode.

The Gabonese talisman was on international duty with an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Gambia.

However, upon landing at Banjul International Airport, they found their exit from the terminal held up.

And as the minutes turned to hours, Aubameyang decided to document what was happening.

As can be seen from his tweet, his teammates were sprawled out attempting to sleep on the floor.

Finally, at 5.56am he confirmed they had made it out on to the team bus, with only 10 hours until kick off.

Sadly for him, Gabon were beaten 2-1. Gamesmanship or just tight security?

Official: Kevin De Bruyne is the best

The football community has jumped on the Twitter disclaimer bandwagon.

The platform recently introduced the feature that can flag misleading tweets.

Cue endless memes - including this hard to argue one from Manchester City.

Weirdest goal ever?

The new Marco Van Basten?

It's a deep cross, he's met it on volley from an acute angle but that's where the comparison with the famous 1988 goal ends.

This effort is more luck than skill and does indeed appear to defy the laws of physics.

Jack Grealish's magic moment

The Aston Villa captain is beginning to make waves at international level.

With his floppy hair, pulled down socks and bulging leg muscles he resembles a comic-book character but his performances these days are outweighing the aesthetics - and dramatics after claims he goes to ground too easily.

In England's defeat to Belgium in the Nations League, he had Twitter purring with this lovely piece of skill.

Anything Grealish can do, Depay can do too

It's a tough one to choose from isn't it. Depay certainly dazzled with this trick during the Netherlands clash with Bosnia and Herzegovina. For me it's .... no, I can't decide.


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