An Italian team called Cavese 1919 scored 19 goals in a match

The Serie D side beat opponents Licata 19-5 over the weekend in a match that also featured no coaches.

Nothing much really to add to this one. Sometimes the world just gives you something funny, and all you can really do is just pass it along.

Via Reuters:

Italian fifth division side Cavese 1919 lived up to their name by powering to a 19-5 win over depleted Licata in a bizarre match without coaches.

Licata were only able to field nine players, all from the youth team, because of a dispute between the senior players and the club, while their coach was also missing, Italian media said.

Cavese’s coach resigned hours before Sunday’s Serie D, Group I match after a “request” from the club’s supporters over team selection.

The club said in a statement on their Facebook page that Francesco Chietti and his staff quit “in response to a request from some fans in the hours before the game to impose two Cavese players on the starting line-up.

“The coaching staff have taken this decision to avoid possible problems.”

Cavese striker Claudio De Rosa scored nine of the goals to finish as the group’s top scorer with a tally of 30.

The lower tiers of Italian football are prone to scandals, financial problems and hooliganism.

In February, eighth tier side Bagheria scored eight own goals in the last 10 minutes of a regional cup match against Borgata Terrenove to lose 14-3.

Nocerina’s third tier match at Salernitana in November was called off after they made their three permitted substitutions in the first two minutes and five players went off injured in the next 20, leaving them below the required minimum of seven players on the pitch.

Nocerina players had not wanted to play the match after threats from their own fans who had been banned from the match and wanted to get it called off in protest. Nocerina were later expelled from the competition.

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Published: May 5, 2014 04:00 AM