10 celebrities who invested in a sports club before Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool actor is one in a long line of stars to get involved in the world of sport

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The news of Planet Hollywood's collision with a non-league football club in Wales was greeted with a mixture of bafflement, delight and mirth.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are by no means the first megastars to take a stake in a sports club, however.

The gallery above reveals 10 other luminaries who have branched out from their day jobs to dabble in the sporting arena.

None, it would be fair to say, announced the news with the elan of the Hollywood actors.

Nor has praise ever been lavished on a trailer maker in the course of one of  these announcements.

Whether the pair's good humour will last during the up and downs attendant on a typical non-league football season remains to be seen.

If they do visit Wrexham to see 'The Robins' play (Covid permitting), one thing is absolutely certain: Rob McElhenney will discover that it isn't always sunny in North Wales.