Schools in all the emirates need inspection teams

A reader urges the school-inspection system to be enhanced. Other topics: New Year resolutions, signature investments, yoga festival and real music.

A readers says school inspections need to be introduced in all seven emirates . Nicole Hill / The National
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As an Emirati educator, I believe that school inspections are a basic part of improving and enhancing the education system in any developed country.

Public and private schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai submit to the inspection process – but what about schools in Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah?

All schools need to be inspected regularly if they want to improve and enhance their performance.

The fundamental purposes of school inspection is improvement and to provide the education authorities with technical reports about the quality of teaching, whether students are learning and a variety of other aspects that parents and educational decision-makers want to know. I believe this information should be publicly available.

The best way to launch a UAE-wide inspection process is by inviting international inspectorates to train Emirati educators – such as principals, vice-principal and teachers etc – as trainee inspectors.

By being mentored by the international inspectors, they will have the chance to see the process of inspection and to learn about this sector of education.

Ahmed Mohammed Ghdayer Alderei, Abu Dhabi

No recycling my 2015 resolutions

With regard to Colin Randall's opinion article (Wouldn't it be best if we didn't make resolutions? December 28), New Year is traditionally a time where almost all of us make renewed resolutions to stick by throughout the year.

I say “renewed” resolutions instead of new because I usually like to give myself a second chance to fulfil what I had planned in the previous year but fell far short of accomplishing. For the past three years, I have vowed on every New Year’s Eve to give up on junk food and become a healthier person, only to wrap up a night out at a burger joint.

I also hope to find a suitable job and see myself settled every year, but these remain mere resolutions as I hardly get invited to job interviews. These resolutions are made and broken on the same day, just few hours apart and some are made before the fireworks and broken by the end of the spectacular display.

My resolutions have sadly been short-lived and this year my only resolve is not to have any commitments or promises made. I believe everything is destined and happens when the right time comes, regardless of our resolutions.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

A real signature investment

In relation to your article, Dubai property: is 2016 the year to invest Dh1m in the rental market? (December 26), there are many ways to make – and lose — money. It all depends on your attitude towards risk.

I own apartments in Dubai Marina, and the rental returns are excellent. I sold my homes in London to buy here. My advice is not to buy off -plan – I’m still waiting for one of mine to be built, six years later – and to wait until the development is built so you can see it first hand and sit in the lobby and ask the tenants how they feel about the place.

I would also avoid gold, stocks and shares, and any investment vehicle where they take commissions. I recommend seeking alternative investments. For example, I buy autographs – the Beatles, Neil Armstrong etc – and they have gone up sharply in value over the years. They are easy to sell and transport, and also are lovely to hold and admire.

Hold everything for 10 years or longer instead of trying to guess the market. World events can change everything at a moment’s notice.

Name withheld by request

Yoga festivals are a good primer

I read with interest your article about XYoga, Yoga festival to be held in Dubai (December 26).

I think this type of festival can encourage many people to learn yoga and adopt this discipline as a daily practice.

Many yoga festivals are arranged for free and the people who are interested in yoga but have no knowledge about the discipline can join in, share their thoughts with others, learn about others’ experience and decide whether this is a discipline they should pursue.

Hoque Nayeema, Dubai

Try real music on New Year’s Eve

Having read your article about New Year's Eve (Celebrate New Year's Eve EDM style with David Guetta, December 27), perhaps other places could book people who actually make their own music – they are widely known as musicians and are quite popular, I believe.

Jeff Coull, Dubai