Hamas and Israel temporary truce extended, calls for Elon Musk to visit Gaza - Trending

Fatima Al Mahmoud gives a round-up of today’s trends

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The temporary truce between Hamas and Israel has been extended by two days, as the latest batch of hostages and detainees are reunited with families. Eleven Israelis were returned in exchange for 33 Palestinians, with more expected today.

Calls for Elon Musk to visit Gaza grow, with a couple of hashtags taking off, following his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Twitter users say people were unable to contact emergency services in Israel and it was thought this was down to a cyber attack on the country. However, the authorities say it was due to an engineering fault.

Donald Trump has revived calls to roll back Obamacare if he wins the US presidential election next year. He has also said he will represent himself in his upcoming fraud trial.

American heavy metal band Metallica are to perform in Saudi Arabia, headlining the opening night of the three-day Soundstorm festival in Riyadh on December 14.

Updated: November 28, 2023, 5:44 AM