Business Extra: Ramadan Edition - Gilberto Silva and Tim Chase on Striver app

Former footballer Silva tells Cody Combs that AI can make social media more civil

Start-up Striver, which has football as its focus, is hoping to leave its mark as the world’s first abuse-free social media platform.

In this episode of Business Extra, host Cody Combs sits down with Tim Chase, co-founder of Striver, and Gilberto Silva, a former footballer and also co-founder of the app.

They look at how social media has mirrored the enthusiasm of sport, while also inadvertently sometimes enabling hostile environments for athletes and fans online.

Mr Silva said he is optimistic that artificial intelligence can help make social media a more civil place for football fans and players, especially through his company's app.

Striver, which was launched in November at Qatar’s Web Summit, seeks to create a respectful space for football fans and allows photos and videos to be posted, along with interaction with current and former football players who use the platform.

Updated: April 05, 2024, 6:26 PM